Street style photographer extraordinaire Phill Taylor and some of his prized portraits.


A little piece of Christmastime in Paris: snow-covered Sorbonne. I’m in Canada for the holidays, but the snow here does not even compare to the storm we had a couple of weeks ago. Happy holidays everybody!

This blog is dedicated to beautiful things. In our society, this refers mostly to esthetics: beauty, style, photography, gastronomy. But beauty extends to many kinds of women, from varying backgrounds;  women who do not have the luxury of admiring (and profiting) from the finer things in life. When I came across this project by filmmaker JR, I was touched. This documentary, starring women in Brazil, sub-saharan Africa, India and Cambodia, tells their true stories and raises awareness for their impossible condition around the world. They become the subject of the film’s on-site photographer, who reproduces mural-sized images of the women’s smiling, grimacing faces and posts them on walls, churches and busses in their town. What an interesting and heart-warming concept…

If you ask me, it’s one of the most original feminist projects in a long time. Let us not forget, equality is not yet met.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sumptuous, decadent (and frightening?) pastry selection brought to us by Luxirare a brand that combines fashion, design  and food science.

Notice how the tea infusers and S&P shakers look like sterile medical instruments? And not one smudge or imperfection on the mirrors and silverware. Even the graphics on the sweets are impeccable. I love how they play both with minimalism and the very elaborate: from the simple display of the items to the vivid colors and high contrasts they use to make the photos pop.

This is my go-to website when I want to indulge in meticulous expositions of otherwise banal objects and to admire the work of a very talented photographer.

(c) Luxirare