Online Inspirations: My Star Picks

I always find it interesting when stylists, designers, editors and other arty folk share their web routines in interviews or online profiles. We all are connected in some way, through some kinda social networking agent like Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and/or Facebook. We all spend more time than we like to admit surfing the net in search of new music, trends and gossip. So I’d like to share we you my go-to links, from which I get my inspiration. (Of course, this is a VERY abridged version, the star list if you will. I will be sharing more in the future).

The Coveteur

Similar to The Selby, the Coveteur brings you into the homes of many creatives, from Fashion editors to artists, and take snapshots that best describe their lifestyle. It’s an esthetic gem.

Garance Doré

Garance Doré is like your meilleur amie: her blog is friendly and filled with photographs, illustrations and articles featuring inspirational women that she encounters. Garance is a freelance illustrator who’se career has really taken off since she worked with Vogue Paris, and subsequently made a name for herself through her blog. I visit her blog everyday. Makes me happy 🙂

Scott Schuman/The Sartorialist

Scott is a street style photographer who basically started the online trend. How many blogs do we see today that focus on street style? Of course, he wasn’t the first photographer of the kind: artists by the likes of Irving Penn and Bill Cunningham were leaders in the métier, and many of their oeuvres serve a historic purpose: historians use  these photographs to better understand the history of style and fashion throughout the decades. So important!


My one-stop link to all fashion news. By far the best way to keep up to dates with trends, fashion people and news in the industry.

Into the Gloss

An anthology of makeups tips and recommendations from international makeup artists to celebrities. I also adore the font.


Nowness is an collaborative that reference lifestyle, fashion, crafts and art. Truly inspiring, this website collects interesting worldwide projects and news as well as creating exclusive editorial footage.

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