Fashion blurb: A Leg Up

Is springtime upon us? I know my friends in Montreal will kill me for saying this, but contrary to the mountain of snow that has covered my beloved hometown, it’s sunny and a budding 12 degrees in Paris, and we’re only in February! Such a wonderful feeling to run around in my paper-thin trench and not feel that humid chilled-to-the-bone feeling I get in most European cities during winter. In all fairness, most Parisians are still sporting their “doudounes”, but since spending Christmas in Canada, I think I kept my thick blood and am taking kindly to this (temporary) heat wave.

(P.S. This is such a practical leather skirt, I wear it day or night, as it meshes well with heels, booties or sneakers!) @LesPetites

(c) Vanessa Jackman (I forget the others, sorry!)

A little word on photographer Vanessa Jackman: I love her street style pictures. Her snapshots exude a certain femininity while portraying many different styles of dressing, yet they are all very “now”. Her blog is a gem (see above).


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