Awareness blurb: Women Are Heroes

This blog is dedicated to beautiful things. In our society, this refers mostly to esthetics: beauty, style, photography, gastronomy. But beauty extends to many kinds of women, from varying backgrounds;  women who do not have the luxury of admiring (and profiting) from the finer things in life. When I came across this project by filmmaker JR, I was touched. This documentary, starring women in Brazil, sub-saharan Africa, India and Cambodia, tells their true stories and raises awareness for their impossible condition around the world. They become the subject of the film’s on-site photographer, who reproduces mural-sized images of the women’s smiling, grimacing faces and posts them on walls, churches and busses in their town. What an interesting and heart-warming concept…

If you ask me, it’s one of the most original feminist projects in a long time. Let us not forget, equality is not yet met.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

  1. Sagarika said:

    I followed the link in the blog post, saw the promo and can easily say that it is one of those things that define and redefine spirit of women and the neglected but so very worthy part they play in others’ lives, let alone their own.

    Also, not only Women are heroes but women are what they later identified as heroes…
    Immensely thankful that you shared this video here,
    Had it not been for this video I am sure I would have missed encounters with so many thoughts, feelings and views that I never would want to miss,
    To women and the endless things they stand for,

  2. B said:

    Thank you Sagarika, it’s so empowering to know that women all over the world and be touched by such a project.

    Stay tuned,


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