New feature: Les Petites

If you are a petite, like me, you may have trouble finding clothes that fit right. At 5’3″, and 100 lbs (ouh, I said my weight on the Internet, take that taboo!), I sometimes find myself floating around in Filippa K bermudas or in a sweedish-sized jean shirt. My options: children’s clothes, size  XL or XXL, with cuts that do not flatter my curves. Also, there are XS women’s apparel, which can sometimes be too tight, too short or too revealing. The key is, so I’ve figured out, to pick out cuts and styles that suit your body type, as opposed to opting for trendier cuts, in a teensy-weensy size that may make you look more like a kid than a woman. So every now and then, I’ll be posting some street style pictures of petite celebs we know and love for some extra inspiration. I present to you, Kate Bosworth at 5’4″, but très skinny indeed.

(c), TFS

  1. Denise said:

    Thanks so much for this post! I’m the same size as you, and it’s so difficult to find stuff that fits right. Looking forward to seeing more pics of petite styles 🙂

  2. projetb said:

    Thank you Denise, it’s always great to hear that my tidbits of advice go to good use. I suppose you never know who’s reading!

    Rachel Bilson next, stay tuned!


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