On how to be smart (about shopping).

So I am finally an active member of society: of course, I volunteered in the past, but I am now employed. Yes, this new reality may come as a shock to some, the people that know me that is, since I usually never keep a job for more then 3 months. Not because I’m bad at it, but simply because I always put school first and never did both at once.

And so, as it has occured to me, life is rather expensive. Even more so when you are paid a… modest salary. Does this mean I have to give up on all of lifes little pleasures ? Although net-a-porter.com sells very high-end (and high priced) goods, it seems a bit out of reach for young fashion enthusiats, such as myself. However, there is a way to have your cake and eat it too. I’ve discovered some budget friendly online stores that cater to twenty-somethings. It’s a way of being smart, and saving some of your hard-earned cash for other things – like travelling and other glamourous pastimes of the sort 😉

Try NASTY GAL or Anette’s AND SECONDLY – featured in my blogroll ; you can buy vintage or new apparel at either.

Try SHOPSTYLE, great for any budget!



Also, try LUISAVIAROMA +++ Free-shipping to Canada! They sell mostly designer goods, but you avoid in-store markups.

Happy browsing!


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