Fashion week in Paris (F/W 2010)

As you’ve read, I was in Paris last week visiting a very dear friend of mine and to my delight, it was Fashion week. I had not yet experienced a fashion week, just followed (stalked?) all the shows and events from across the ocean. Here are some shots that we took while we snook in outside the Lanvin and Vivienne Westwood shows, freezing our butts sipping hot chocolate and tea for what seemed like years. It was worth the risk of hypothermia, though.

The atmosphere was peculiar, odd to say the least. The scene resembled a circus or maybe a parallel universe: it was as though we were peering into a peephole, into a world that was not ours, however admirant we are of the fashion industry.

This woman (below) seemed to be part-animal.

Some were les habituées…

Others, rookies.

After a day filled with cold, hard fashion, you understand why afterparties are so important…

Because in the end, we all want to be a part of something. A day was enough to embrace the fashion world, but never would I want to lose myself in it. Seeing these people, whoever they are, made me proud of being myself and I knew right then that I could make it, and when I do, people will accept me for having my own mind, my thoughts, my style. There really is room for everybody here, the hard part is seeing youself through all the fur and funny hats. Thankfully, I will never wear fur, and prefer headbands over hats. 🙂


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