Zone grise

Life is made up of gray zones: you can find yourself in many situations of the sort throughout life, and usually those times are not pleasant. See, our brains are made up in such a way that we cannot comprehend what is not good nor bad, not true nor false, not black nor white.

I always disliked that gray is the tone used to expresse such negative things: after all, it’s my favorite non-color. Coincidentally, this seems to be the “in” non-color of the season! Gray suits, cotton tops and *gasp* HAIR are recurring factors in recent fashion shows. Now I can write on and propose some kind of analysis for this (unconscious?) choice…
Have we come to terms with the uncertainty of life?
Is it still some kind of emotional backlash from the economy crash?
OR does it not suit our innermost needs to be comfortable,
while emanating a je ne sais quoi that says classy yet casual? I vote for the last one.

Hey, Cary Grant’s famous suit was gray for a reason. He was definitely on to something.

  1. fillegarcon said:

    I just really love this.

  2. Marlene said:

    Love this too B. and let’s not forget Gregory Peck “The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit” Great movie, great look!

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