Eleonora vue par Garance.

And now back to one of the reasons why I first started a blog. Photography fascinates me, and when I see a perfect picture, I feel like showing everybody. As a kid, I was kinda obsessed with sepia (I know…) and often asked my mom to buy discounted books that featured photographs from the 1910s and 1920s. Today, while reading a book – usually a history book – I’ll lose complete concentration if there is a picture of somebody, anybody, from a bygone era. All this fuss because, in my opinion, cameras back then captured the soul of its subject, and something haunting, probably due to the lighting and exposure, gave it historical context and significance (and, thinking that the subject was now long dead really creeped me out and I kinda liked it).

When Garance picks up her Canon, I usually get excited… she seems to capture whatever it is that defines our times, in fashion and style, anyway and it’s just so lovely.

There, she is lovely.


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