Mercedes is cool now.

My dad is a Mercedes enthusiast, no doubt about that, and he would be very proud to know that Gareth Pugh and Nick Knight are teaming up for a ultramodern ad campaign for company’s brand new SLS AMG (that is, of course, if he knew who they were). Many claim that Mercedes-Benz is a car for the very rich, the elderly, a certain class of women, slow drivers… and the list continues. This campaign redefines the automobile giant’s new achievements, both in design and technology, and reminds the sceptics who’s boss.

There is nothing like the effervescent combination of a fashion designer and fashion photographer to re-examine an already stellar combition of speed and luxury.

*ahem, f.u. bmw

(c) Hypebeast

  1. Anthony said:

    The girl and the car…a very very impressive re-interpretation of this timeless classic… (maybe it would be a good idea to pass my driver’s licence)

    P.s : It’s snowing on your blog !?!?! so nice !!!

  2. fillegarcon said:

    i love it
    and you know, gareth pugh or not
    you always made mercedez cool 😉

  3. fillegarcon said:

    hum hum ***mercedes
    sorry for my lack of knowledge… *cough cough*

  4. Mohammad said:

    It’s awesome.
    how can i get the first photo with high resolution, for wallpaper?

  5. projetb said:

    Sorry Mohammad, I don’t have a source for high res pictures, but search for the post!


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