Attention to detail.

Another reason why is one of my favorite reads. I admire their philosophy on fashion and cuisine. Simply by reading a quote form their Manifesto, you can understand the idea behind this extraordinary blog: “Instead of typical “collections” or batches of ideas which are grouped into “seasons”, the goal is to move towards a season-less, collection-less presentation, promoting a constant renewal of thought.”

So here’s to presenting something fresh and new, whilst being detached from mindless consumption of the “now” in fashion to a more dignified and thorough comprehension of the flow of style as an art and as a whole, and not as a quick fix to being cool. That would be so temporary. To know good style and to pay attention to fashion as something more complex is an art that Luxirare seem to master.



(c) Luxirare

1 comment
  1. fillegarcon said:

    absolutely amazing
    i love love love love it
    and love the text bi

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