To coat or not to coat.

No, diversity isn’t a name of an old wooden ship, as claimed by Ron Burgundy. It’s something fashionistas have had to give up for the sake of being in style for far too long. This season as shown us great shapes in clothes. How much can I stress that clothing should frame your body, give it a shape that suits you, literally. But I’m pleasantly surprised to see so many different types of textiles used to create them. C’est un art! From tweed to leather, you have a good selection of styles and material for a coat that’s fit for you, while being totally now. Are we finally past the “this is the year of the motorcycle jacket” while more feminine shapes and textures are frowned upon. Let’s be realistic. Women don’t have one unique style, that would be selling us short! As a consumer and fashion enthusiast, I demand to have a choice of stylish cuts in the look that I want that day (not this year) and feel comforted to know that the options have multiplied, from military to classic elegance.

47425_in_l 47425_cu_l

47302_in_l 47302_cu_l

49590_in_l 49590_cu_l


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