Bellagio, offshore by ferry.

Bellagio, offshore by ferry.

This photograph was captured late July of this year by me, hanging off the deck of the famous ferry that takes you to this mythical village. Although I modified the contrast (as always), it still brings out very accurately the voracious character of the Lake that day.

The thunder echoing through the Alps and the high winds from the North brought a chill down my spine – I remember thinking that I should have brought a sweater. At the end of the day, our skin was humid with the wet breeze and occasional rain shower. The wind coiffed our hair in such ways we didn’t think possible. I remember the skin on my face pinching at itching from the strength of the winds. The elements of nature came together that day, to give us the unforgettable experience of wilderness and unpredictability of Northern Italy.

Although autumn is here to stay until winter comes our way, we’ll always have Bellagio.

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  1. Anthony Côte said:

    It seems you captured the soul of this place both in words and picture for the pleasure of the human beings like me who weren’t lucky enough to see it in person…

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