To Gussy

Guss, 1997-2009

Guss, 1997-2009

When I was 9, it was just you, me and Channelle.
We brought you home as a gift, not knowing the true gift you really would turn out to be.
I remember having you in my tiny room when you were just a baby – I could fit you in my palm! – with nobody else like you around.
But you connected with us and made friends with the rest when our little family grew.

But you never said a word, not a peep.

If you suffered in silence, I’m sorry. So sorry.
But know you were loved, and I know you hopped to say you felt it too.

You will NEVER be forgotten, and you will continue to remind me of what good can come out of
something so small. You were the kindest, most peaceful and grateful being I know. (No past tense, please)

Rest in peace and serenity little one, and know that you’ll never be alone, or far from us.

1 comment
  1. fillegarcon said:

    awwwww little gussy
    this is too sad
    i’m sorry for your loss Bianca

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