Wearing Garance

Only a couple of months ago, I stumbled upon Garance Doré’s blog – photographer and illustrator extraodinaire – once employed by Vogue Paris. I guess I could say it’s in part thanks to G.D. that I started taking my own pictures and blogging. Hers displays some portraits of her muses from around the world and once in a while an amazing drawing, which consists of some clean, felty lines that make up a profile of a woman (maybe) with a colorful accessory.

I’ve learned that finally (!!!) Gap has offered to produce a line of tees with her sketches. Even though I (highly) doubt we’d get them in Canada, I’ll make it my duty to order them from the States, or France, or wherever!

gap-garance-dore1 gap-garance-dore3

  1. shewhoiswriting said:

    Bah i want that T so bad, but apparently they aren’t even gonna be produced at all?!?

    • projetb said:

      I think they’ll be produced, but a max of 69 of each kind… so good luck to me!
      Where did you hear that they weren’t?

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