Buenasera tutti,

So tomorrow is my last morning in Florence, after spending time alone for the first time in a foreign city. Boo hoo? It didn’t feel foreign to me, never did. Upon arrival there were some obstacles, but no sleepless nights: just heat, warm breezes from my shuttered window and noises coming from my friend’s appartment down the hall. In the morning I would take my cappuccino at the tabaccheria down my street before heading to piazza della Repubblica for class. Here’s the beauty of it: then, when the bell would ring, it was whatever I wanted, my life. It was sweet… the best feeling = being alone yet having the sense that everything is finally in its right place and that you couldn’t be happier.

Italy has shown me that this is possible, it’s not some myth… nothing can compare to the Dolce Vita.

Also, I’ll never take my time alone for granted. What bliss!!!

Now I have a rendez-vous with Fellini in Roma.


My reads-

My reads-


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