They Have Overcome

20th January 2009
I have tried 3 times to describe the moment of the inauguration. Nothing I will ever write will even come close to the relief I feel nor will anything define my renewal of belief and trust in the good in people after the election and confirmation of Barack Obama as President of the United States-
After day 3 of his presidency, I am not even slightly disappointed of his leadership, brightness and effectiveness.
He has delivered, and fast!
He seems to be a fearless leader, an honest man, a remarkable father and an even greater President.
Barack Obama makes me want to strive, to reach for the stars.
A man of our times, who fights for the causes that affect not only American citizens but citizens of this world.
I never thought people with such good values can be such firecrackers and at the same time understood by the world.
Everybody seems to be seeing so clearly now, are we all on the same (right) track now?
4 years ago, people maybe would have called him crazy, idealistic and irrational.
It is not just the fact that he is black… it’s the fact that he has so much stamina, integrity and courage that makes me so mystified by his accomplishments.
It’s very rare that a person of his caliber can convince so many people of his choices after the last 8 years – considering that his predecessor was his exact opposite.
There is much I don’t understand about politics, choices, people, ideology trends and so on, but this recent election, gives me much hope.
Let Obama be your beacon of hope:
Anything really is possible. (Even in my generation, they still make people like him)
Now if only it can happen closer to home…

Images courtesy of BBC.COM

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


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