Merci, Merci, New York City!



There is something invigorating about a city that is so full, diverse, almost ready to explode,
that smells like smoked nuts and bagels and nurtures a lush green park, a very large yet
intimate place, right in the center, where its heart should be. The NYC grid is just a front,
because you can just as easily get lost in it: its personality can overwhelm you. New York City
is for everyone: the Carrie Bradshaw, the artist, the neurotic, the lazy, the doctor, the student,
the Harry and the Sally, the immigrant. I truly believe there is only one place in the world
that all these individuals can achieve their dreams, how different they might be from one another –
they all seek satisfaction,
they all can be fulfilled.
New York City is for boys and girls, for those who have no life and for those who are bigger than life.
For people who lived two hundred years ago and for those rushing through their existence two
hundred miles an hour. No, it is not my city, but a part of me is there, has always been there,
and will always be – in New York City.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


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